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     Group GSIN
   N3605Food Products Machinery and Equipment
   N3610Printing, Duplicating and Bookbinding Equipment
   N3611Industrial Marking Machines
   N3615Pulp and Paper Industries Machinery
   N3620Rubber and Plastics Working Machinery
   N3625Textile Industries Machinery
   N3635Crystal and Glass Industries Machinery
   N3650Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturing Machinery
   N3655Gas Generating and Dispensing Systems, Fixed Or Mobile
   N3660Industrial Size Reduction Machinery
   N3670Specialized Semiconductor, Micro-circuit and Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Machinery
   N3680Foundry Machinery, Related Equipment and Supplies
   N3685Specialized Metal Container Manufacturing Machinery and Related Equipment
   N3690Specialized Ammunition, Ordnance Machinery and Related Equipment
   N3693Industrial Assembly Machines
   N3694Clean Work Stations, Controlled Environment and Related Equipment
   N3695Miscellaneous Special Industry Machinery

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