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     Major GSIN
   51Construction Work
   AResearch and Development
   BSpecial Studies and Analysis(not R&D)
   CArchitect and Engineering Services
   DInformation Processing and Related Telecommunications Services
   EEnvironmental Services
   FNatural Resources
   GHealth & Social Services
   HQuality Control,Testing,Inspection and Tech. Representative Services
   JMaintenance,Repair,Modification,Rebuilding Instal. of Goods or Equip
   KCustodial Operations and Related Services
   LFinancial and Related Services
   MOperation of Government Owned Facilities
   RProfessional Administrative and Management Support Services
   TCommunications,Photographic Mapping,Printing & Publication Services
   UEducation and Training Services
   VTransportation, Travel and Relocation Services
   WLease or Rental of Equipment
   XLease or Rental of Facilities

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